The network of locker kiosks enabling access to sport, tech, and leisure equipment at parks, beaches, hotels, and apartments.

What’s in the box?

BallBox enables on-site, on demand access to products ranging from Bluetooth speakers, VR sets, and Roombas to footballs, paddle boards, camping equipment.

How It Works

For less than the price of a football you can have 30+ items at your fingertips.

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Sign in or create your profile, select a rental method and choose an item.

Enjoy The Outdoors

Play, relax and enjoy your time with friends & family outdoors.


Simply place your item back in the Ballbox locker and enjoy your day!.


the world in a whole new way


BallBox enables onsite, on demand access to a wide variety of sport, tech and leisure products so people no longer have to waste money on purchasing these items, and bringing them from home to their place of leisure.


Adding  BallBox to your property adds the most innovative amenity in the hospitality space and creates memorable experiences for guests


Residential communities are adding BallBox to connect their community and enable access to everyone’s favorite sport, tech and leisure products


Cities across the world are adding BallBox to their parks and beaches to enhance the lifestyle of residents and tourists


BallBox works with product partners to place their items in our kiosk to gain unique experiental marketing capabilities at minimal cost

Thank You To Our Partners

Join Events

BallBox hosts a variety of events such as basketball, volleyball, and soccer tournaments. So sign up and join in on the fun!

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Create a profile, select your interests ranging from basketball and volleyball to yoga and hiking, and message other users in your community to join.

View Available Items

Gain inside access to what items are currently in the kiosk and reserve them ahead of time.

Ways To Use Ballbox

Hourly Rental

Select any product you like and use it for as long as you want.

Day Pass

Purchase a day pass to have 8 hours of access to any item in the kiosk. Exchange your item as many times as you would like.

Annual Membership

Sign up for an annual membership to receive 3 hours of free rental for any product 365 days a year. Enjoy a 20% discount on all additional rentals.


Join a variety of events such as basketball, volleyball, and soccer tournaments. Sign up and join in on the fun!

Volley Ball
Soccer Ball
Bocee Ball
Inftatable Chair/Swin Toys
Slam Ball
Corn Hole
Bluetooth Speakers
Boogie Board
VR/AR System
Xbox/PS4 Systems
Nintendo Switch
Portable Charger
HDMI Cable
Outdoor Projector
Waterproof Phone Case
Board/Card Games
Tennis Racketts(2)&Ball